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Filmfestival in Cannes während Sprachreise besucht

Analinda aus Italien hat sich einen Traum erfüllt. Sie genoss die Atmosphäre rund um das Filmfestival in Cannes während ihrer Sprachreise in Antibes.

Festival de Cannes

Hi everyone, I just want to tell you about the Festival de Cannes. I’m sure even if you are not a cinema fanatic you will have heard about it. For years I have followed the reports from this glamorous festival back home in the South of Italy and dreaming of being there with all the stars. This year I realized my dream! I’m on the French Riviera in Antibes just 10 km from famous red carpet!

Filmfestival Cannes

Let me explain. Since February 2008 I’ve been studying French in the International school in Antibes in France and I’ve been delighted with my residence, my friends, my teachers and my progress in French.

Since February I was looking forward to the 14th of May, the official opening of the festival. I was there with my friends and thousands of other celebrity supporters in the front of Palais du Festival in Cannes hoping to see the movie stars. Needless to say that with so many people there it was impossible to get really close to the Palais du festival and its red carpet. Never mind! It didn’t get me down. I was happy just to admire all my favorite stars on the big flat screens fixed up on the both side of the Palais and to share a special festival atmosphere with my friends!

Away from the red carpet some treats have been prepared for the cinema fans. Every evening during the festival, one movie has been shown on the sandy beach near the Palais and the entry is completely free! So I could see my favorite movie „Matrix“ whilst enjoying the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean.

Always the romantic, I’ve been dreaming about bumping into Keanu Reeves in the old town of Antibes where I’ve been wandering almost every day after my French courses.

Sprachreise Antibes

I feel really lucky to be studying French in Antibes, spending my evenings with my new friends from all over the world so close to my idols!

Analinda (Italy), 20 years old