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Schulklasse bloggt von ihrer Sprachreise nach Malta Teil 3 – Gastfamilie, Sprachschule und Wetter

Heute erzählt die Klasse über Ihre Gastfamilie, die Sprachschule, das Wetter und Malta.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim lesen.


Our host families and the school
My host family is very nice! But I think they’re very private. On Sunday evening we arrived at 9.30 p.m. Our host mother, Lillian, greeting us and show us the school and our room.
The next morning we had breakfast alone, the family was at work or at school. At 9.00 a.m. the school starts and our teacher is so funny! In the lessons we have a lot of fun . 😀
For lunch we have to buy something in McDonalds or Subway, were ever we want. In the afternoon we did a journey around Valetta and with the ship. For our girls, here in Malta, we can shopping very well!
Until now everything is great! And our class found together!

The weather in Malta
The weather in Malta is at the most days very nice. It’s very warm and the sun is shining every day. On Sunday, when we arrived, it was pleasant warm. On Monday it was very warm in the morning, that we can went out in the T-shirt. On Tuesday it was not so warm like at Monday and it rained a little bit. Today, on Wednesday morning it is very warm and it isn’t raining. The weather in Malta is very nice. It’s warmer than in Switzerland and it’s a very nice climate.

Malta for ever
I cant’ believe it, our class is in MALTA! Everything is perfect, so all you can be jealous. The flight was pleasant, the family and the house are nice and the territory is beautiful and the shops are great. We visit everyday many different beautiful places in Malta. Slowly we know everything about this country.
I’m so thankful to Coop that they gave us this chance to win this great competition. I just love Malta.