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Englisch ist die Weltsprache mit den meisten Sprechern. Weltweit beherrschen rund 1,5 Milliarden Menschen die Englische Sprache, 375 Millionen verwenden sie als Muttersprache. Allein in Deutschland gaben bei einer Umfrage unter 1.820 Befragten ab 16 Jahre an, dass sie zumindest auf gutem Niveau Englisch sprechen. Mitunter kann es allerdings vorkommen, dass deutsche Muttersprachler im Eifer des Gefechts eine eigene Sprache kreieren. Diese Mischung aus Deutsch und Englisch bezeichnet man etwas abwertend als Denglisch oder Engleutsch.

Die größten Missverständnisse im Denglischen zeigen sich in der Verwendung von Sprichwörtern, wenn versucht wird, deutsche Redewendungen 1:1 ins Englische zu übersetzen. Wir haben eine Übersicht der beliebtesten deutschen Sprichwörter zusammengestellt und diese ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste für euch übersetzt. Das Resultat ist ein denglischer Mix, der vor allem zum Lachen einlädt. Aber seid vorsichtig: Die Verwendung dieser denglischen Redewendungen erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Hier findet ihr echte englische Redewendungen, Abkürzungen und Zungenbrecher.

Denglische Sprüche im Überblick

  1. Wait and drink tea.
  2. Every beginning is heavy.
  3. Take someone on the corn.
  4. Old love roast not.
  5. It is sour cucumber time.
  6. Other mothers have also beautiful daughters.
  7. Also a blind chicken finds a corn.
  8. On one leg you can’t stand.
  9. Eye around eye, tooth around tooth.
  10. Out of the eyes, out of sense.
  11. Out the mouse.
  12. Better poor on as arm off.
  13. Better the sparrow in the hand than the dove on the roof.
  14. There bites the mouse no thread off.
  15. There fry me someone a stork.
  16. There lays the rabbit in the pepper.
  17. There sit we beautiful in the shit.
  18. With that you have shot the bird.
  19. That goes off like Schmidt’s cat.
  20. Everything is in butter.
  21. That goes on no cow skin.
  22. This is a juice shop.
  23. That is to me jacket like trousers.
  24. This is sausage to me.
  25. Enjoy life in full trains.
  26. Life is no pony court.
  27. Life is no wish concert.
  28. Life is no sugar licking.
  29. That makes the cabbage also not fat.
  30. That whistle the sparrows from the roofs.
  31. Don’t see the forest for louder trees.
  32. The april makes what he wants.
  33. The wiser gives after.
  34. There goes the dog crazy in den pan.
  35. Buy a cat in the bag.
  36. Get the cow off the ice.
  37. You probably ran a louse over the liver.
  38. You have a bird.
  39. I only understand train station.
  40. You do not have all the cups in the cupboard.
  41. You have well not heard the shoot.
  42. You have bumblebees in the butt.
  43. You spider well.
  44. A picture says more than thousand words.
  45. Everyone is his luck blacksmith.
  46. A sentence with x: That was well nothing.
  47. It is still not everydays evening.
  48. It is highest railroad.
  49. He is over all mountains.
  50. Peffer something into the corner.
  51. Neck over head.
  52. Neck and leg break.
  53. Say something through the flower.
  54. Here is dead trousers.
  55. Holla the forest fairy.
  56. I think I spider.
  57. I think my pig whistles.
  58. I have pulled out myself a leg for it.
  59. I have much around the ears.
  60. I make you legs.
  61. Blow someone the march.
  62. Untie a bear to someone.
  63. Pull someone through the cacao.
  64. Showing someone the stinky finger.
  65. One has already seen horses puke in front of the pharmacy.
  66. My english is not the yellow of the egg but it goes.
  67. Me nothing, you nothing.
  68. With me is not good cherry eating.
  69. Morning hour has gold in the mouth.
  70. Only over my corpse.
  71. Without sweat no price.
  72. At the party evening I let the pig out.
  73. Sport is murder.
  74. Unexpected comes often.
  75. Attention is the mother of the porcelain box.
  76. What the farmer does not know, he does not eat.
  77. What does not fit is made to fit.
  78. Water march!
  79. Who is sitting in the glass house should not throw with stones.
  80. Who the choice has, has the agony.
  81. That fits like the fist on the eye.
  82. Like the cat around the hot mush.
  83. We have a chicken to pluck.
  84. Two stupids, one thought.
  85. You are an old better knower.
  86. That pulls you the shoes off.
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